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Davvi wind farm is a project led by Grenselandet DA. Behind the company are the energy conglomerate St1 (majority owner) and Ny Energi AS.

Davvi wind farm is a project led by Grenselandet DA
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+47 913 54 788

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ENERGY COMPANY ST1 St1 Nordic Oy is an energy corporation with a vision to be a leader in the production and sale of CO2-conscious energy. The group researches and develops economically viable and environmentally sustainable energy solutions. St1 focuses on fuel sales, oil refining, as well as renewable energy solutions such as waste-based biofuels and wind power. The group operates 1250 St1 and Shell stations in Finland, Sweden, and Norway, and has activities in the United Kingdom. The headquarters are located in Helsinki, Finland, and the group has more than 1000 employees.

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Ny Energi AS

Ny Energi is involved in the development and establishment of wind power projects both internationally and domestically, with a special focus on Finnmark.


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What's happening?

Planområdet for davvi vindpark er et godt eksempel på uberørt natur med begrenset naturverdi

How can we protect and grow simultaneously?

Ragna Sørlundsengen, sustainability specialist at St1, points out that there are several factors at play when assessing the environmental value...
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Northern part of the Nordics will be pioneers

In northern Sweden, there is construction for a future based on renewable energy. - Villages have to some extent...
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Fordeler med store vindkraftverk og energieffektivitet. Bildet viser store vindmøller med store rotorblader satt i karrig landskap.

Wind power plants and energy efficiency - Benefits of constructing large wind power plants

With a planned area of 63 square kilometers, Davvi Wind Park will become a large wind power facility, but it is at...
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The permit applicant for Davvi wind farm is Grenselandet DA.
Grenselandet is owned by the energy companies St1 and Ny Energi, with St1 being the majority owner.